Maxtor Fusion Hands-On: Not Too Shabby Nor Extensive

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Maxtor's added a bunch of little features to its 500GB Fusion hard drive to make it more appealing to a skeptical public. CrunchGear, nerds that they are, did a hands-on with the unit, putting it through a series of feats of strength and tests of might. How did it hold up?

In a word, well. Maxtor threw in some rudimentary server features to make it easy for friends, family and political operatives to have access to your pictures. The full hands-on has more in-depth, hard-hitting journalism. Just like you like it.


If you want our opinion, though... [Nick, we're waiting for your thoughts-B.Lam]

Ahem, where was I? The Fusion web interface simple sucks. Imagine working in Windows Explorer through a Web 1.0 interface. That's this.


Maxtor Fusion Hands-On [CrunchGear]

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