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Seagate is going to be rolling out the Maxtor Fusion Network Attached Storage (NAS), a 500GB storage solution that's accessible via gigabit ethernet. For those of you that forgot, Seagate purchased Maxtor a while back, and isn't just calling their products Maxtor to spite the hard drive manufacturer—which would have been more fun.


The NAS has software licensed from Fabrick that allows users to access their data, like video and music, using a Java enabled web browser. You can also use an AJAX web application to manage the files on the drive. For example, dragging and dropping files for transferring to and from your local machine.

Access to the content can be restricted to specific users with password protectionk, and you can also create "microshares" and "microlinks" to link specific content to online auction sites like eBay and social sites like MySpace. You can also create a "Public Site" to share content directly from the Maxtor Fusion with the outside world.

Pre-launch Site [Maxtor via MacWorld]

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