Announced while we were all celebrating our nation's independence, the Maxtor Shared Storage II (MSSII) brings 1TB (1,000GB) of networked storage capacity to LAN near you. As you can imagine, 1TB of data is quite a lot, but with gigabyte-hungry high definition content currently gaining momentum in the consumer market, the more hard drive space the merrier. Maxtor lists the MSSII as able to hold 768,000 photos, 72 hours of DV video or 16,000 hours of music. With that amount of space, you could conceivably load up the MSSII full of RIAA and MPAA-approved media and hunker down in your home theater, watching and listening until the end of days.

Now, the MSSII isn't just a big, static hard drive that sits on your network, eagerly awaiting for you to load her up. Using a RAID 1 setup, you can mirror up to 500GB of data on an external drive. System disasters can be further avoided by using a software-based one-touch backup or, for those of you who need to live by a meticulous schedule, scheduled backups. It's kind of like "set it and forget it," but for MP3s and Xvids.

The Maxtor Shared Storage II should be available here before the end of the month for $899.95 retail. Time to break open that piggy bank.


Product Page [Maxtor]

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