Maybe It's Time You Broke Up With Some of Your Technology

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Sometimes, a service or piece of technology falls out of favor with its user. Perhaps it stops working properly; maybe small niggles become incredibly frustrating; or possibly the two simply grow apart. Either way, maybe the best way to say goodbye is through a breakup letter.


That's exactly what six designers from Altitude did. Alanna Fincke explains what happened:

[S]ix of us were asked to choose a once-cherished product that now frustrates us. We dished about our annoyances with a partner for five minutes, and then we were told to imagine we'd been in a romantic relationship with it and needed to break things off. We got 10 minutes to pen breakup letters.


The exercise was designed to help them empathize with consumers, but the results are just wonderful. Above is a break-up letter to Netflix penned by Cindy Weflen—the full text is reproduced below, and you can click 'enlarge' to embiggen the image—but you can read the rest, over at Fast Co Design. There are missives to headphones, printers, blenders and even a stud finder. What piece of tech do you want to break up with? [Fast Co Design]

Dearest Netflix,

Why do you think I want to watch Toddlers and Tiaras? I thought after all this time together, you would know me but you don't get me at all. I have wasted too much time browsing your mediocre offerings, and I'm done. It's not me, it's you. You just don't see me. I don't have time to wait around for you to get upgraded—my digital clock is ticking. Don't show up in my mailbox or Xbox again. You're the worst.

Cindy Weflen

P.S. I've been cheating on you with Amazon Instant Video. And

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Martin Fjeldstad

After clicking on this, I'm considering breaking up with you, Gizmodo.