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The Franklin USB Dictionary and Thesaurus is a 256MB thumb drive with Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and the Franklin Thesaurus on board. So, if you ever find yourself without an online connection, out of range of a WiFi connection, or without any spellchecking or thesaurus capabilities on your word processor, it might be nice to have a dictionary on a USB key. But then, since when were you writing something and didn't have a word processor with spellcheck?

Anyway, the people at Franklin must have thought of that, too, because they included an e-book store and a newsstand feature on the USB drive, a scheme which helps you look up books or magazines and then buy them online. Hey, wait, can't you do that with Amazon? So, if you do end up with one of these USB dictionary and thesauruses, good luck finding a capability within it that's not already duplicated online. If you live alone in a cabin in the woods and have a computer with USB, you might be able to use it. It's $49.95.


Franklin's Digital Dictionary/Thesaurus [Gear Log]