MB&F Horological Machine No.2.2 Is a Formidable Keeper of Time

What happens when you cross a Swiss watchmaker with a French Designer and a fair amount of titanium? Well, you end up with MB&F's Horological Machine No.2.2, of course.

Designed by renowned French Designer Alain Silberstein, the dual-dialed watch has a body crafted from a single piece of titanium, tells the time on the right and the date/current phase of the moon on the left. The hour is displayed using a jumping mechanism, which is under the minute dial, which resembles a speedometer.


Only 8 of these limited edition pieces will be produced, so if you have an obsession with watches (and presumably, alot of disposable income), you might want to start plotting ways to get your hands around this watch—or rather, this watch around your wrist. [MB&F via Watchismo via Dvice]

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