McAfee Is Going to Blur Your Facebook Pictures And Make Them Impossible to Download

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Sharing your pictures with friends on Facebook is convenient! It's also really convenient for creepers you hardly know to peer at your body and digitally stalk you too. And with Facebook's privacy settings so confusing, you need something better. You need McAfee's Social Protection app.


It's potentially a very useful tool for people who are slightly paranoid and/or just don't want their mug all over the Internet. The way McAfee Social Protection works is that it allows you to pick and choose which specific Facebook friends can see your photo. Drunk, naked and sprawled across the street? Let's only show that to your two best friends. Working hard on vacation? Let's give your boss access. For the people you don't allow to see pictures, it shows a blurry thumbnail instead—they have no way to access the photo unless allowed.

Even more, McAfee protects you on a whole 'nother level too—your friends who have access to view the picture can't ever download the pictures. McAfee says there is no way to save, download or even use a screen capture tool to grab your picture (it'll only record a blank space), so you don't have to worry about it being uploaded onto the Internet by someone else. McAfee's Social Protection Facebook app is supposed to become available at the end of the month. Facebook stalkers, your move. [McAfee Social Protection via PC World, Read Write Web]

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Really? Do they not realize that almost every new cellphone on the market comes with a camera? Is their app so amazing that the cellphone picture will only show a blank space? I think not. What a waste of resources.