McDonald's Has Created Brilliant Bike-Friendly Takeout Packaging

You can say what you want about McDonald’s food, but the one thing you can’t argue is the fast food giant’s mastery at marketing itself to an incredibly diverse demographic. The company is now even specifically targeting cyclists with some very clever bike-friendly takeout containers.


McBike isn’t the most clever name for the new packaging redesigned by ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina, but the engineering behind it certainly is. The recyclable cardboard container hangs off a bike’s handlebars for easy transport, but also securely holds a single meal including a burger, fries, and a drink that won’t pop open and spill. You might shake your head when you see someone riding a bike through the drive-thru, but McDonald’s is obviously encouraging it.

The new McBike packaging was first introduced in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then in Medellin, Colombia. And McDonald’s apparently has plans to introduce it to other bike-centric cities like Amsterdam and Tokyo soon.

[YouTube via Ads of the World]


Sly Jackal

Yes because people who ride bikes eat at McDonald.