Median MX-400M: Digital Audio Player + VoIP Phone Calls

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Take a portable media player, throw in some VoIP goodness and what do you get? Right now, you get the Median MX-400M, a Korean-made gadget that combines a 1GB/2GB digital audio player with free Internet phone calls in the form of VoIP. Judging from the pictures, it looks like the MX-400M only works with Miraphone and not Skype like most other VoIP phones do. Still, give credit to Median for creating a gadget that actually piqued our interest, which is pretty hard to do nowadays.

The storage capacity is just right for the price ($160 for the 2GB model, expandable with SD cards) and throw in tethered VoIP support (that is, no Wi-Fi, so you'll need to keep a computer handy for the actual Internet connection) along with FM radio and the MX-400M looks pretty good. Too bad we'll probably never see it here in the U.S.

Make free internet calls with your mp3p [Aving USA via]

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What is the point of connecting this device to the computer (instead of a headset) to make Internet calls? What exactly does it do? Maybe it's just me being stupid, but...