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Meet "Fundawear," the vibrating underwear you control with your phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

So this is a thing now. Undergarments – briefs, panties, bras, etc. – packed with vibrating touch technology that you control with a smartphone.

It's called Fundawear (fun... underwear... fun to wear! Oh, you get it), and it's made by Durex. As in the condom company. The schtick is simple: vibrating underwear that lets couples "touch over the internet" via smartphone app. (Though there's nothing that says this couldn't/wouldn't be used solo.) It's apparently yet to go on sale, but the Durex Australia Facebook page is hosting a contest to score you and your partner some vibrating undies of your own.

Sure, Hello Touch put vibrating pleasure fun-times at your fingertips – but this puts the tactile experience online, allowing people to connect over vast distances. Smart sex toy technology. To be honest, we're kind of surprised it took this long to arrive.