An example of Maximum Tailgating? Delicately scoring a lime wedge using a machete. Feens is back, with Old Hickory in hand, whipping up beverages before the game. Reminder: You have until midnight tonight to send in your gadget ideas!

Draw, photograph, scan, and/or record your most innovative gadget idea and send it to Eddy D at These are your own personal inventions, people. It can be something you already use or a dream tailgating gizmo, e.g., a set of team logo-emblazoned blinky ice cubes or a chicken wing-shaped walkie-talkie set.

After much deliberation, Eddy will pick the best eight gadgets. Then you will vote for your favorite.


The winner will get two tickets to the Big Game in Miami, courtesy of Gizmodo and Pepsi Max.

You have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to submit. Last chance, folks!

Standard contest rules apply.