Megan Fox Esquire Cover Shot In Video, Not Stills

Illustration for article titled Megan Fox Esquire Cover Shot In Video, Not Stills

If the fusion of video cameras and dSLRs hadn't blurred enough before, Esquire shot their June issue cover of Megan Fox in video—a purported first in the magazine world.


Rather than click and endless series of stills, photographer Greg Williams shot the cover with the 4K Red ONE video camera. Fox essentially acted out a scene for 10 minutes, the best moment of which will appear on the June 2009 cover. (Not to be wasteful of Megan Fox footage, the video will also be uploaded to Esquire's site, of course.)

It's fascinating that as digital cameras evolve, so will the roles of photographers, models and publications. I can't see traditional photography ever dying, but whether photos will always be captured in photographs is another question. [Esquire]


Sounds interesting and very doable if you have a good enough video camera. the problems i see are:

1)you'll need constant lighting which can sometimes be much more of a pain if you are on location.

2)you need much more computing power to work with the video.