Megan Fox Wants You To Put On Your Sexy Shoes And Watch Her Throw Up

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We already told you about the shocking Jennifer's Body's footage, but what's behind it all? At the Comic Con panel, Megan Fox lined up with Diablo Cody and crew, to talk black demon barf, lesbian kisses and meta-ness. Video below.


I think my favorite part is when Fox tells us all she knows we know the movie's making jokes at her expense, so you know she knows, right? Damnit, stop being so freaking hot and up for a laugh. No matter what you think, you have to admire her — even when she plays it to the audience. That's brand awareness pure and simple, my friends.

The rest of the night went pretty smoothly — Diablo Cody talked horror, and how her postmodern thriller started off darker:

It's funny, because when I first set out to write this, I wanted to write a very dark, very brooding traditional slasher movie. And then I realized, about a third of the way into the process, that I was incapable of doing that. [The jokes] just kept kind of sneaking in. I have a macabre sense of humor, a lot of the things in the movie that are horrifying are funny to me. I've always said that I think comedy films and horror films are kind of similar in the sense that you actually can witness the audience having physical release. They are laughing [or] they're screaming — it's not a passive experience.

Director Karyn Kusama made an interesting point about the female perspective of Jennifer's Body. It's all about taking it back.

A lot of horror is about femaleness, whether it's Carrie or Rosemary's Baby. I feel like there's a lot of fear of the female, or a celebration of it in some weird way. Something about this movie managed to take fear, and the sense that it's the female that ultimately survives, and sort of marry that in a very personal way.


Jennifer's Body will be released in theaters on Sept. 18th.



"This movie is sooo sexy. You better put on your f*%#@'n sexy shoes for this movie!"

What a very odd person.