Melania Trump's Anti-Cyberbullying Initiative Reportedly Will Avoid the Term 'Cyberbullying'

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President Donald Trump is such a huge Twitter troll he allegedly fired his secretary of state via tweet on Tuesday just to be a real asshole about it. So it’s a really unfortunate coincidence for first lady of the United States Melania Trump that Tuesday was the same day news broke that she is apparently working to revive her moribund campaign against being mean online.


Per the Washington Post, sources say the FLOTUS is planning to convene a meeting with representatives from “Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Snap” as well as Microsoft on March 20th “to discuss ways to combat online harassment and promote Internet safety.” During said meeting, she plans to ask them to provide details about what they are doing to crack down on trolls as well as “the spread of malicious content,” the Post reported.

So far, so good. But the paper’s sources also said the first lady does not plan on proposing any policy initiatives, and is in fact planning to avoid the term cyberbullying itself in favor of a more generic “focus on the need for kindness online.”

In other words, this is perfect. The individual married to King Shitpost of Troll Mountain is going to invite representatives from companies well known for mostly ineffectively flailing their arms when confronted with the problem of violent or hateful user-generated content to the White House to deploy their best maxims about how everything is changing. Also, Amazon will be there for some reason (I guess it owns Twitch?). Then, they will go home and everyone can resume being mean on the internet.

In fairness to Melania Trump, presidential spouses have named and worked on their own initiatives for years, and she’s not responsible for the president’s behavior. Cyberbullying is also a growing and serious problem. But outside of some publicly passive aggressive behavior towards her toxic husband—god only knowing how much of that has to do with his virulent politics versus the way he treats her personally—she’s been complicit in this whole mess from the beginning, and this administration doesn’t get to score points just for playing.

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Why is Amazon on that list? Is it because they own Twitch? I doubt that since the Trump administration is filled with idiots, so why is an online retailer being invited to a social media event?