Melania Trump's Twitter Just Liked a Tweet About How Much She Hates Her Husband

 Screenshot: Twitter
Screenshot: Twitter

Melania Trump’s personal Twitter account has been dormant since election day. Once a prolific tweeter, the first lady has since transferred her activity to the @FLOTUS account—she doesn’t use it very much. But the Twittersphere lit up this evening with screenshots of a tweet that was liked from her personal account, which suggests that the rumors of her dislike for her husband could be very true.


Gizmodo saw the like with our very own eyes just moments ago but in the time it’s taken to write this post, it disappeared. Now, Mrs. Trump’s only like is a tweet from herself that reads, “Hello Twitter!”

For the record, this the tweet that was liked by her account:

Here’s the tweet in context on her Twitter’s likes page:


Make of that what you will. Maybe she was hacked, maybe she thought she was logged into a secret anonymous account, maybe it was an intern, or maybe she’s sending a message.

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