Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker Shows You Weather Reports

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Okay, all you wonks who complained that we had a coffeemaker on the Giz the other day, keep scrolling. Now that the whiny geek is gone, let me tell you about the Melitta ME1MSB Smart Brew Coffeemaker, a 10-cup pot that uses Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) to give you almost-live weather data from MSN Direct right there above its button pad.

There's no setup, subscription or Internet connection required—it's all broadcast to you via the FM band. Plus, the coffeemaker automatically grinds and brews that java for you, so you can load it up with beans and water the night before and be greeted with a steamy carafe of that jitter-inducing manna from heaven.

What a great idea, to have a live weather display on a coffeemaker. That's exactly the place you're standing when you're wondering what kind of day it's going to be outside. Spot-on use of SPOT, but you'll pay dearly at $199 when it's available November 15.


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