Memorex iFlip Video Viewer for iPod

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This September Memorex plans to release a video player that connects to the 5G iPod with Video, giving users access to a much roomier screen without having to sacrifice their precious iPod. The 8.4-inch screen dwarf's the iPod's 2.5-inch and supports a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels. If, like Tim Allen, you need more power, you can use the iFlip's S-video out to send the video to an even bigger screen.

The iFlip has a pair of integrated speakers, which can be used even without turning on the screen. The on-screen navigation is used to control iFlip-specific settings, like screen brightness and and contrast; the iPod is still used to traverse the iPod's innards.


Memorex should start selling the iFlip in September for $200.

UPDATE: Memorex sent us a few more pictures of the iFlip for your viewing pleasure. Check them out after the jump.


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