Panasonic 103-incher On Sale Now?

Unlikely we previously reported back in April, it seems the Panasonic 103v 103-inch plasma display is going on sale today, maybe. Newlaunches is saying that Panasonic USA will begin accepting orders for this plasma today, five months ahead of the projected release day of Christmas 2006. Newlaunches also is saying that only 5,000 of these units are being manufacturered this year, 2,500 of which will go to the states. There is still a minor problem. This intrepid reporter can't seem find a product page or pre-order page anywhere. And because Newlaunches doesn't like to link their sources, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.


These televisions feature a 1080p resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio and a 3.8-inch pixel pitch. Take note that back at CES this display had a blistering 30-45 minute warm-up time—it has likely been fixed, but it still might be something to look into before a massive purchase like this. No official word on pricing, but expect to drop well over 10 G's on one of these behemoths.

Panasonic 103 inch Plasma goes on sale today [Newlaunches]

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