One of the reasons Words With Friends became so popular on smartphones was because it let players take as much time as they needed between turns. There was no pressure from other players while everyone sat around a game board at a table. So perhaps this hanging message board version of Scrabble was partly inspired by Words With Friends, because it lets families or roommates play a game at whatever pace they prefer.


The game's magnetic letter tiles stick to the metal board that includes a white board on one side for leaving reminders, keeping score, or simply taunting the other players. The four included tile racks hang upside-down off the bottom of the board to keep each player's letters secret until it's their turn, so the honor system will definitely be at play here to keep things fair. For $30 it also doubles as a portable version of Scrabble since those magnetic letter tiles won't slide all over the place with the slightest bump like the original version of the game. [Winning Solutions]

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