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Metal Gear Solid 4 Watch Says It's Time For Snaaaaaaake!

Illustration for article titled Metal Gear Solid 4 Watch Says Its Time For Snaaaaaaake!

Not only are we gigantic fans of the Metal Gear Solid series as a whole (we're guts deep in the latest saga right now), we're also big fans of being able to tell time. That's why this limited edition MGS4 watch, given to preorder sales at UK's Gamestation, is so damn fantastic. There are only 500 of these Hideo Kojima-endorsed watches in the entire country, which makes us sad. Preorder yours now if you're a Brit and you like the action stylings of Solid, Liquid, Naked, Solidus and Old Snake. [Gamestation via Kotaku]


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Creole Trash Panda

@bandit: O what a wonder to be void of imagination, creativity and knowlege.

A little learning is a dangerous thing but a lot of ignorance is just as bad