Metallica Remakes "Thriller" Video with Soviet War Zombies

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Metallica have created a zombie masterpiece in the music video for "All Nightmare Long," a shreddy tune expanded to prog-rock length from their recently-released album Death Magnetic. Even better is the way this nearly 10-minute movie is a kind of play on "Thriller," Michael Jackson's extra-long pop homage to zombies. Check out the video, an alternate history of the post-World War II period, below.


There's something kind of challenging about trying to take in the subtitled movie while listening to the song's lyrics. It's a dreamy, half-CGI tale of how the Soviets find a space spore that reanimates dead flesh. They unleash it on the United States in the 1940s, and reduce the country to chaos before swooping in to "rescue" the Americans. We see glimpses of our alternate present world, with giant Soviet robots occupying US cities full of burning zombies.

Isn't this movie like a perfect combination of The Wall and Thriller? I am officially in love with Metallica again.

All Nightmare Long [via Metallica site]



This is what would happen if you merged Roger Waters with Neil Peart then irradiated their brains! Awesome!