Metrokane L-Press Squeezes Manna of the Gods Out of Mere Oranges

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What's so special about an orange juicer, you say ? This Metrokane L-Press is the first new design for such a device in 10 years, and this one has a rack-and-pinion gearing, just like the steering on the finest sports cars. So get this, that means you can press down with 1,000 pounds of leverage using this sucker. That oughta get the juice out.

Never mind those electric machines that pulverize the stuff, this is the best way to get that refreshing juice out of those oranges, with minimal effort using its soft-touch handle that turns 540 degrees. It even has its own 25-ounce stainless steel pouring pitcher. And check out that high-style industrial design. Oo-la-la.


Once you've tried you some ice-cold fresh-squeezed OJ, you'll never go back to that store-bought swill in a cardboard box. Available in stainless steel with either gray or orange handles, this overengineered jewel is probably worth its $100 retail price. [Metrokane, via Appliancist]