Micro Kettle

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Perfect for college students and the single guy, the Micro Kettle lets you microwave water or other liquids safely. We always thought we could use whatever glass was marked "microwave safe", but what do we know?

The Kettle has convenient markings to see just how much Ginseng you're nuking, as well as the easy grip handle to keep your fingers from burning when removing said kettle. The makers also claim that it can preserve natural flavors, but we'll chalk that up to marketing-speak.


Update: One of the designers filled in the leaky holes of our understanding about the product. Check it out after the jump.

First, a great - and totally unpublicized - feature of this product is its ability to work directly on most cups and mugs, not just the included measuring cup i.e. boil the water you're going to use right in the cup you're going to use. The "boil stick" drops down into the fluid below, so you never get superheating (as another posted noted). If you Google "microwave superheated water" you'll find all sorts of info about this rather nasty phenomenon. The textured boil stick creates nucleation sites for normal boiling to occur.

Also, the claim of better foods and drinks is not (completely) marketing speak. The fact is you want water just-to-boiling. Seasoned tea drinkers know this. Anything short of boiling and you don't get all the flavor out of the brewing media; any extra time after boiling is achieved removes dissolved oxygen, making a drink taste flat. (Google "boiling oxygen flat tea" for verification of this).


Thanks Chris!

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