Microsoft and Verizon in Talks To Develop iPhone Rival

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We know Verizon is talking to Apple about taking on the iPhone, and now the WSJ claims they are playing both sides by talking with Microsoft about developing an iPhone rival.


Naturally, details are scarce—although the word is that the device will be a multimedia touchscreen that will push both Windows Mobile and the Windows Marketplace. It is also rumored that a third party may handle the manufacturing of the device. Could this be the Zune software "Pink" project we have heard so much about? [WSJ]


For all those who would say that MS can't get anything right, I have almost always loved their 3rd and 4th iterations of a product. I am not a fan boy by any means, but I thought the PS3 would destroy the 360, and I have two 360s, and no desire to get a PS3.

I have two iPods, a Zune, about 10 other various and sundry mp3 players, and have to say that if it were not for the nike+, I would probably never use my iPod.

I just hope that MS gives it a more serious try than Google.