Microsoft Exec Claims Firefox's Billion Downloads Is Probably Bull

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Exec Claims Firefox's Billion Downloads Is Probably Bull

This is Amy Barzdukas, a general manager in charge of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. And she may be smiling in the photo, but nowadays she's bitching a lot. The reason? Firefox's one billion downloads claim:

As with any marketing statement, I'd encourage people to be somewhat sceptical about large number claims. It's an interesting number and I have not seen the math [but] how many internet connected users are there? 1.1 billion, 1.5 billion, something in that area.


She described the number as "interesting math," even while that 1 billion figure includes every download and update since Firefox launched since 2004. Repeated downloads too. And people having multiple computers.

Knowing that, it doesn't seem that crazy to me. What do you think about Amy's claims? And about Firefox figure? [The Guardian]


Benny Gesserit

I'd like to see a pie chart of the number of Firefox downloads against the number of security patches to Windoze (the MS figures broken into patches applied to IE and not.)

And, while she's crunching the numbers, how about an analysis of the CAUSE of those defects and where in the "Requirements -> Analysis -> Design -> Code -> Test -> Deploy" model the defect originated and where it was detected.

Because unless these numbers show defects being detected most often in Requirements or Analysis phase, she and her company have better things to do that pick on Firefox's marketing. (Or, the short form: You people OWN Rational Unified Process - use the damn thing.)