Microsoft Is Dumping "Billions" Of Dollars Into Windows Phone 7

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Microsoft seems to be investing quite a bit of cash into the Windows Phone 7 project. In fact, based on what TechCrunch is hearing, they're sinking billions of dollars into the first year for marketing and development.


That number is particularly huge when compared to the $100 million which Jonathan Goldberg, a telecommunications analyst at Deutsche Bank, estimates"that Verizon, Motorola and Google collectively spent on marketing helped turn the Droid line of phones into a serious stable of competitors against the iPhone."

Microsoft has a lot riding on this project, so let's hope all the spending works out well for it. [TechCrunch]

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Doesn't mean shit unless you have apps. Since microsoft killed backwards compatibility, they at the moment have 0 applications, compared to andoroid's 90 thousand and the iPhone's 225 thousand.

If they really wanted to invest billions on Windows Phone 7, then they should have removed their certification and registration fees in order to jumpstart app development. Otherwise they're just a third tier system in the eyes of developers, especially at a 99 dollar certification PER APP ATTEMPT.