Microsoft Is Unleashing Lots of New Windows 10 Devices on October 6

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The launch of Windows 10 came and went in late August with little to no mention of new Microsoft devices that would run that new beautiful software. Nearly a month and a half later, that mention is finally here.


Microsoft just sent out invites to the media for a Windows 10 event on October 6 at 10 a.m. (ET). Although the full invitation is frustratingly vague on what we’ll see at that event, the #windows10devices at least lets us know it’s hardware.

According to the mountain of leaks and hearsay already out and about on the internet, this event is going to be a big one, with two Lumia flagship smartphones (the 950 and 950XL - previously known as TalkMan and CityMan), the new Surface Pro 4, and also the second generation of the Band, Microsoft’s exciting yet ultimately disappointing wearable from last year.

TalkMan and CityMan will of course launch with the new Windows 10 for mobile, and the new Surface Pro 4 will most likely have a wide range of chipset options from Intel, including everything from Core M Broadwell to the new powerful Skylake processors.

But these updates sound like they won’t be just better specs and software in a similar casing. It’s rumored that Microsoft is planning a 14-inch model of the Surface Pro 4, after sizing up last year to a 12-inch, 3:2 ratio size. We could even be seeing a Surface Phone as a premium option compared to the normal Lumia lineup, but that rumor is much more uncertain.

Either way, it sounds like October 6 is going to be one big Microsoft hardware party. And with many of these gadgets well past the usual one-year gadget update, it sounds like a party worth attending.




I’m more excited about this than I thought I would be. I don’t think the Surface has been setting the world on fire with its sales #’s, but I’ve started to see more and more of them in corporate environments, and I think that if we didn’t have the Surface, we wouldn’t have the iPad Pro; in that way, Microsoft has really been the leader in the next generation of computing, since pretty clearly Apple isn’t racing to turn MacBooks into “MacBook-iPad hybrids.”

At the same time: Someone once summarized Microsoft vs. Apple like this: Microsoft takes a problem, solves 90% of it, and declares it 100% solved. Apple takes something that’s not a problem, comes up with a device that does that one thing really well, and tells you that other problems don’t exist and that you’re wrong if you think anything is missing.

So far, Windows 10 has led me to believe that that’s still true. It’s different than Windows 8, and better in some ways, but it still is pretty far from perfect. So I can say that Surface Pro 4 will be better than 3, but won’t ultimately fix any of the “flaws” that have kept them from being the laptop-and-tablet-destroyers that they’ve promised to be.