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Microsoft Job Listings Hint at Official Office For iOS

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If OnLive's offering of Office for iPad doesn't cut it in your corporate world, perhaps some good news is afoot: Microsoft is advertising for jobs that strongly suggest the company is planning to launch a version of Office for iOS real soon.


The job postings have appeared on Microsoft's website, and explain that the company is looking for experienced OS X developers to be part of its PowerPoint and Outlook test teams. But read some of the finer print, and you'll find that the future employees will be working on "new feature work to be part of Microsoft's next move on the Mac and on iOS."

While many may see Office as a hateful piece of software, it's used in most schools and businesses—so it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to cast its web a little wider. A shift to iOS is inevitable in that sense, so it's perhaps more a matter of when, not if. [Microsoft via 9to5mac]