Microsoft Job Posting Tongue Slip Sorta Confirms Courier Is Real

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Six months ago, we revealed Courier, and Microsoft has been atypically stoic regarding its existence. Until a post on its JobsBlog mentioned "the upcoming Courier digital journal." Oops.


Here's the full blurb:

Do you already know everything about Project Natal and the Cloud? Is Blaise Aguera y Arcas' jaw-dropping TED talk on augmented-reality Bing Maps and Photosynth last month's news? Then check out some of the online chatter surrounding new releases of Window Phone 7 series handsets, Internet Explorer 9 and the upcoming Courier digital journal.

The link on "Courier digital journal" went to Engadget's post with fresh details (from the same day iPad pre-orders were announced). Microsoft's already edited the post with swiftness, naturally, removing any mention of Courier.

As Peter Kafka notes, it's possible that Microsoft job recruiters who wrote the post truly have no idea what's up with Courier, and just thought it was a neat way to drum up buzz about why you'd wanna work at Microsoft. Or it's totally real and Microsoft just wanted to tease us all, knowing everybody would jump all over this. You know, whatever. [Microsoft JobsBlog via MediaMemo]



Folks...Prepare to sit back and watch a swan-dive onto cement.

The software, I admit, looks compelling. I could see it working fine for a few niche markets performing very specific tasks.

The Courrier's form factor however is an outright disaster. In a fight against the iPad, this thing is gonna go down faster than a cheap folding chair at a weight watchers meeting.

It should be interesting to see how the same folks who busted on the iPad scramble for ways to contort their criticisms into praise for the Courier.

For instance, the iPad's much ridiculed BEZEL. For weeks it was all about the bezel, the bezel, the big black shit-tastic bezel.


The era of the "flip phone" is over. The era of the "folding tablet" will begin and end with this walking abortion of industrial design. (...things could change when bendable multi touch displays are ready for the consumer market, but that's a few years off...)

The software in these mock-ups looks cool, but all of the other functions on this system are going to be forced to divide themselves into 2 hemispheres, whether it makes sense to or not. It's schizophrenic by default.

Would I love to see a viable, intriguing, unique competitor for the iPad. Hell yes. Is the Courier it? Helllllllll no.

The upside here is that Zune owners can finally stop being the butt of so many jokes, and pass that honor onto the poor suckers who shell out for this doorstop. Back to the drawing board Ballmer.