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Microsoft Jumps Into the "Softwear" Business with Ridiculous Branded T-Shirts

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Jumps Into the Softwear Business with Ridiculous Branded T-Shirts

Microsoft has, against all odds and probably their own better judgment, decided to create a branded clothing line as part of their new ad campaign. The t-shirts have sort of an Urban Outfitters feel, only without the requisite irritating irony, and feature a few designs contributed by dapper rapper Common.


These faux-vintage t-shirts were conceived by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the marketing firm tasked with making Microsoft cool in the public eye (and you thought your job was tough). The line is supposed to invoke MS's early days in the '80s, and I'm not making this next part up, to "showcase the DOS days of the software company that now connects over a billion people." Lot of people clamoring for a way to show their love of DOS, are there, Microsoft?

The line is to be called Softwear by Microsoft, because the kids are into dumb puns these days, and is expected to hit select stores on December 15th for an undisclosed price. [BGR]

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While I usually avoid wearing shirts with writing on them (to avoid chest staring), my Microsoft.Net polo is the envy of my nerd pals.