Microsoft Just Bought a Company That'll Help the Xbox Win Your Living Room

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Microsoft just bought R2 Studios, a company that Apple and Google were both after, to help the Xbox continue its assault on living rooms across the world. R2 Studios, which was founded by Blake Krikorian (the guy who also made the Slingbox), apparently "works on" technology related to distributing and displaying digital media on televisions.


Basically, it's more of Microsoft seeing the Xbox as a set top box as opposed to just a gaming device. It's also more of Microsoft flexing Xbox over Apple TV and Google TV. [WSJ]

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Strange take. The PS3 is a far better media device than 360, Apple TV or Google TV and it is hard to imagine this purchase will change that. With Sony's "game system" (that most never play games on) you get access to all of the major streaming services without having to pay a monthly stipend to Microsoft and it plays Blu-ray and does superior resolution up-scaling of DVD's. The only major problem is that it is made by Sony, who we all seem to universally hate.