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Microsoft Proposes Obnoxiously Restrictive Pay-As-You-Go Computing System

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Proposes Obnoxiously Restrictive Pay-As-You-Go Computing System

Many have said that the future of Microsoft will be in subscription-based software, cloud computing or some combination of the two. Well, let's hope that it doesn't turn out anything like patent application 20080319910.


Much of the application is unsurprising, and even somewhat dated. The vision incorporates heavily-subsidized hardware (though not under a timed service contract) that can utilize services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Certain programs and functions cost more than others, and could be unlocked on demand. At first that sounds like a reasonable approach, but it's not just high-performance software that can be rented, it's high performance itself.

Described in the patent is a system by which individuals will be forced to rent different levels of computer performance, being shunted into an arbitrarily-slow mode if they choose not to pay. In other words, to play a high-end game, you'd have to rent not just the game, but a sort of unlock for your processor, RAM and video hardware, just so you can fully make use of them.


The idea of subsidized, service-fee based computing has potential, but not like this. It'd be hard to imagine Microsoft winning many fans by forcing users to pay to unlock the obvious potential of hardware that is sitting right in front of them. [CNETThanks, Gibberish]

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You guys realize this isn't for PC's you'd buy and take home but more ideally for PC Cafe's. Maybe a library, Do-It Center, etc.

The screen illustrated shows off the SETTINGS of a subsidized PC. There's NOTHING wrong with the idea of it.

Ok, imagine a Do-It Center with this 5 of these PC's. They would lock out games and limit certain HW to certain PCs. Maybe reserve 2 strictly for word apps and basic stuff, the others for photo editing, etc.

A PC gaming Cafe wouldn't need productivity software, so lock that stuff away and set the limits for stronger graphics, memory and add some games.

So how does this suck for you guys? Oh that's right, it doesn't effect you in any way...