Microsoft Sued, Zune Owner Claims Ear Damage

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A man who allegedly received an electric shock from his Zune headphones has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft. Joel Geddis received the shock in November of 2006, and since then he has suffered "blood and fluid leakage from (his) ear canal" and "incessant ringing and discomfort." [Sorry West Coast lunchers!] This news comes days after iPod classic owners reported similar incidents since a new firmware update. Update: Joel has written us to clarify his claim.


Correction Request: Microsoft Sued, Zune Owner Claims Ear Damage Microsoft Zune Injuries Mon, Feb 4, 2008 at 4:14 PM To: Hi Benny,

I read your article and notice that you didn't mention the blast of noise that happened the very same instant as the shock. The coupling of these two device malfunctions are a key part of the claim. Would you mind updating the post?

The actual claim can be found here:



Thanks for the update, but we're not sure what the domain name is getting at — as far as we know, this guy's lawsuit is based solely on the headphone injury, but perhaps it will one day expand to represent victims of any and all bodily harm encountered while trying to join the Social. Geddis' attorneys hope to make this a class-action case, but first they'll have to find more Zune owners who have experienced this problem. Finding a niche that narrow sounds like a tall order to us. [Zune Injuries via Gadget Lab]



Those three people who bought an iPod classic will feel vindicated. Wait. What?