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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Teardown: If This Thing Breaks, You're Screwed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 might be the greatest laptop-tablet hybrid that you don't really need, but what exactly lurks inside it? Fortunately, iFixit has torn the thing apart so we don't need to wonder any longer.

So, what is there going on in there? Here are some highlights (or more accurately, low points):

  • It's a sucker to get into. In fact, the gentle hands of iFixit even managed to crack the glass of the screen as it opened the device up.
  • Once inside, a springy metal bracket also makes it difficult to get through to the real guts.
  • Some of the internals are held in with (relatively uncommon) T3 Torx screws, too.
  • The SSD is oddly easy to swap out—if you brave removing that delicate screen.
  • The battery, also, is glued in super-tight (though mercifully not soldered) so it will be a nightmare to replace if you need to.
  • And, uh, the rest of guts are similarly stuck in place.

All in, it's a living hell to take this thing apart, hence the abysmal 1 out of 10 for repairability awarded by iFixit. Cross your fingers that this thing doesn't break, while you read the full teardown here. [iFixit]