Illustration for article titled Microsoft Survey Hints At Oahu, Surface Multitouch Table At Consumer Prices

Microsoft is at least considering releasing a consumer-priced version of its Surface computer, if a marketing research survey is to believed. The survey is centered around a device called “Oahu,” which, from its description, sounds a lot like the table we've all come to know and love: a multitouch flat screen that sits like a table top and allows for multiple users to interact with it at once. The survey asks what “forms” of Oahu the participant would like to see: if they would most likely use it as a homework helper, for content creation (for things like editing recipes), or as an information hub. It also asks how likely the participant would buy it if it cost $1,500. Um, how about "YES. VERY LIKELY. GIVE IT TO ME NOW?" [I Started Something via Engadget]


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