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Microsoft Uses $11 Million in Stimulus Money to Build Bridge to Itself

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you think Microsoft should use $11 million in stimulus money—your tax money—to build a bridge connecting its West campus to its East campus, raise your hand. Banned.

$11 million of the $36 million bridge is going to be paid for by federal stimulus, whereas the other 17.5 will be paid by Microsoft. In Microsoft's defense, they say that the bridge will be open to the public. On the other hand, who in the public is going to use a bridge that takes you from Microsoft's technical buildings to its retail buildings?


As some dude from the Taxpayers for Common Sense says:

"Let's face it. Microsoft is one of the most lucrative companies in the country," Ellis says. "They could have easily funded this out of pocket change. This is really about getting while the getting is good. Uncle Sam has a big wallet that's there for the taking, and Redmond wanted to take it — and Microsoft was happy to let them pick up that part of the tab."