Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Gussied Up for Version 2.0

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Here's a sneak preview of version 2.0 of Microsoft's Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 that's currently making its way through the FCC, since, after all, it is a wireless device. It's not altogether clear exactly what's been changed here, but aside from that flying-saucer-gold paint job with the black trim, its shape is similar to its predecessor. You've seen the top, now take a look at the underbelly of this beast and compare the mouse to its predecessor.

Notice that extra button just behind the scroll wheel up top. Besides that, the whole thing's been smoothed out a bit. We'd like to get our hands on this pointer, but nobody's talking about when it might hit the streets. One thing's for sure, we really like Microsoft's mice and their associated drivers, and if Microsoft's previous releases are any indication, we expect this next version of the Laser Mouse 6000 to be an improvement. [iStartedSomething]