Microsoft's Ergonomic Mice Have Frickin' Lasers, Cradle Your Hands

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The Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 are all ergonomic and outfitted with lasers, albeit the non-deadly kind. And they all come in a grey/black motif, which is cool if you're outfitting the Bat Computer, but may not go with all setups.

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The WLM 8000 works together with the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 to provide an advanced, but costly, desktop experience.


The 8000 has a few special features like a Performance Slider that can lower your scan rate to extend battery life, an Instant Viewer button that shows you all your open windows, and Quick Charging, which charges the mouse in less than an hour and a half. It's also hand-neutral, which means it doesn't lean to the left like most ergonomic mice do—say, the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000—so lefties can use it as well as righties.


This mouse also docks into the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000's charging station, which means you only need one charger to power both devices. It will be $89.95 when it's released in October.


The Natural Laser Mouse 6000 has a thumb scoop to rest your biggest digit, two thumb buttons, and will be $79 when it's released in January 2007. Nothing special about this mouse, and looks pretty similar to older Microsoft ergonomic mice that have been released before.


The Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000, however, does a bit more. It works as a mouse (obviously), a slide presenter, laser pointer with digital ink and a media remote control. There are buttons for forward, back and full-screen on the bottom of the mouse, and you can use the laser pointer on the side for blinding potential business partners. You can also use the presentation buttons to play, pause or jump tracks in your DVD software or Windows Media Player. All this in a notebook-sized mouse, which actually looks much more comfortable than normal notebook-sized mice we've seen.

The Notebook Presenter Mouse will be available January 20007 for $59.

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