Microsoft Releases Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 and 8000

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We liked the Wireless Entertainment Desktops when it was called the Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard, but a name's just a name. The WED 7000 and 8000 have a few interesting buttons and features, and are integrated with some current and upcoming Microsoft apps.

There's a gadget button, which exposes and hides the Microsoft Gadgets—their version of widgets—a Media Center Start button, and a Windows Live call button, which starts an IM session or a call with the selected contact in Windows Live Messenger. Both the 7000 and the 8000 have 2.4GHz bluetooth connectivity, so there's no need for a dongle if you've already got Bluetooth on your PC.


The Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 has a few more features compared to the 7000, like the automatic backlight adjustment that turns itself on or off depending on your proximity to the keyboard. Run to the bathroom, and your keyboard will know. We imagine this can also be used to automatically set you away on Windows Live Messenger as well, showing your entire buddy list that your Irritable Bowel Syndrome hasn't disappeared as quick as you'd like them to think.


In addition, the 8000 can pair with the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 to charge both devices simultaneously. There is also a three-port USB hub built in, to hook up your other desktop devices—you know we've got tons.

The Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 will be $149.99 in January 2007, and the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 will be $249.99 in February 2007.


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