Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard: Wireless, Rechargeable, Backlit

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard: Wireless, Rechargeable, Backlit

If Microsoft calls this the Ultimate Keyboard, does it mean they're getting out of the keyboard business after this? Or are future keyboards going to be named the Good But Not Quite The Best Keyboard or The Penultimate Keyboard?

Goofy names aside, this keyboard really does look pretty swanky. There's the matted black finish, wireless-ness, comfort-style split keys, backlight, rechargeability, proximity sensing for auto-lighting as a user approaches, and Bluetooth support. The release date is sometime late this year, and we can't wait. We're suckers for a sweet keyboard design.

Ultimate Keyboard [Microsoft via Gearlog]

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Nice looks, but where are are the pgup/dn/home/end/ins/del keys? I actually use those on a regular basis.