Microsoft Zune Has No Audible Support - Yet

As of right now, it seems Microsoft and Audible haven't reached an agreement to allow the former's portable music players to play the latter's book-on-tape files. For those unfamiliar with the Zune (pictures and details here), it's a hard drive based music player from Microsoft that's launching this November. Audible is an online book store affiliated with Amazon, which only allows approved music players to play back their media files.


So far Microsoft hasn't gotten Audible's approval for their Zune, but they're still in talks. Even though we personally don't use Audible, we're sure it's a deal breaker for people who do. There's three months left until launch, so Microsoft has plenty of time to wave money in Audible's face to get them on board.


Microsoft Zune will not support audio books [Zunely]

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Audible is by far the industry leader in audio books and related content (audio newspapers, magazines, speeches, etc) so yes, Audible support would be key for the Zune. They resell through iTunes which gives them a lot of sales. There was even a moment a couple years ago when Audible's sales of Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat via iTunes was outselling everything else, including pop music.


Complaining about detailed coverage of a gizmo on Gizmodo is kinda silly.


They're up to 300,000+ subscribers which I wouldn't define as "small" anymore especially since the market in this area isn't that much larger than that. Web-based audio books are slowly overtaking the CD market despite the popularity of getting them for free at the library.