Microsoft Zune Patent Reveals Playlists/Music Over WiFi

A recent unearthed Microsoft patent details a preference based music service, where suggested music is directly pushed to your Zune based on your currently playing tunes. The selection would be forwarded to the device over WiFi, finally putting the Zune's WiFi function to some good use. Whether this will be linked to a conventional music store is not clear, but the work seems to be related to earlier filed patents.


The sharing fun does not stop there; the patent further describes a service that would enable playlist sharing between yourself and your imaginary friend, for whom you purchased a Zune. Essentially, the system would allow Zune users to subscribe to one another's playlists, which would automatically update every time you hit up on a WiFi hotspot. The styling of the rumored Zune 2 did not have our attention, but if it were to incorporate these features, we just might be listening. Watch your back, Mr. iPod... that was stupid, sorry. [ZDNet]

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