Zune Patent for Pay-Per-Squirt?

Illustration for article titled Zune Patent for Pay-Per-Squirt?

This is kind of brilliant. This Microsoft patent allows for a user to receive a squirted song by Zune-to-Zune WiFi transfer, eventually paying for it when the 3-plays or 3-days are up. Even cooler, the squirter would get a commission from the squirtee's purchase. A smart move if they could get it working in the wild. [Zune Scene via Nate]


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Grrr... just so damn frustrated with this whole thing. HOW cool would it be to have a device that mounted as a damn HD, where you can copy mp3's directly to it without any special software that indexes them, and could use a wifi interface on fellow devices, computers to share files, or even get out to the net to shop online with the farking thing.

No restrictions, no extra fees. Just wholesome techno-goodness. Everyone would want one! They'd make millions! So you're over at a friends house and he has some pron for you? Download away! Meet your buddy at the (insert hipster location here) and want to share? BLAMMO! Hit a wifi hotspot and want to check your apple stocks or post on Gizmodo? SHAZAM!

Ahh America. Land of the fee, home of the gank.