Microsoft’s site has quickly become an internet sensation after it was introduced last week at the company’s annual Build Developer Conference. We tested the software with some famous faces and iconic portraits of the world, and the results are priceless.

According to Microsoft developers:

while the API is reasonably good at locating the faces and identifying gender it isn’t particularly accurate with age, but it’s often good for a laugh and users have fun with it

And that is exactly right. Check out the results below.

Leonardo Da Vinci, died at the age of 67

Microsoft’s guess: 81

Mona Lisa aka Lisa del Giocondo was circa 24 years old when Leonardo started to paint her famous portrait

Microsoft’s guess: 34

Sharbat Gula aka Afghan Girl was about 12 years old and living as a refugee in Pakistan when she was photographed bay NatGeo photographer Steve McCurry

Microsoft’s guess: 23

Apple founder Steve Jobs was photographed at the age of 51 in 2006 by Albert Watson

Microsoft’s guess: 54

This colorized portrait of Albert Einstein was shot by photographer Arthur Sasse, while leaving his 72nd birthday celebration

Microsoft’s guess: 87

Microsoft’s guess for the original version: 82

The 32-year-old Che Guevera by Alberto Korda

Microsoft’s guess: 45

Abraham Lincoln in 1863 at the age of 54, by Alexander Gardner

Microsoft’s guess: 56

Michael Jackson was 29 years old when the iconic album cover photo was shot

Microsoft’s guess: 27

Martin Luther King at his age of 35

Microsoft’s guess: 32

Bill Gates at 28

Microsoft’s guess: 29 (close enough, well done!)

Bill Gates at 19

Microsoft’s guess: 32 (dang!)

Ernest Hemingway at the age of 58 (Photo: Yousuf Karsh)

Microsoft’s guess: 65

Joel Brodsky’s 1967 portrait of Jim Morrison (24)

Microsoft’s guess: 37

The 55-year-old Vladimir Putin in 2007 by Time photographer Platon

Microsoft’s guess: 46

Barack Obama (47) “Hope” poster from 2008

Microsoft’s guess: 81

Sorry, Picasso