Microsoft's "Retail Experience Center" is a 20,000 sqft private retail center at Redmond that Microsoft is fiddling around with new retail tech, like real-time cart info and other POS services. It's awesome. Here's why.


One, it reminds me a lot of the actual Microsoft retail store that used to be in the Sony Metreon in SF. It was weird, because it was in a Sony building, but awesome, because it had tons of Microsoft stuff—much like this retail experience center. I don't remember actually buying anything, but it was the Microsoft equivalent of being in an Apple store. It's hard to describe, but is definitely something every tech person should experience once.

Two, it looks like Best Buy if Best Buy carried only Microsoft products. The actual store is inaccessible to the public, but you can get a virtual tour over here. [iStartedSomethign]