Microsoft's two new HD LifeCams shoot 720p video on the cheap, for $50 and $60 respectively. What sets them apart is their TrueColor technology, supposedly delivering more vivid colors in any situation. How do they fare? You be the judge.

Webcams come a dime a dozen, and even cheap, HD devices aren't really enough to pique our interest. Most laptops these days have built-in cameras anyway, and for most purposes, they do the trick just fine. But there might come a time when you want to look good on your webcam, like when you get paired with a cutie on Chatroulette, or when you have one of those weird Skype job interviews we keep hearing about.


Microsoft's LifeCam HD-6000 and LifeCam HD-5000 (and 5001, with a white faceplate) shoot 720p video at 30fps with auto-focus. But it's the TrueColor technology that keeps you looking like you and not Swamp Thing:

Microsoft claims the "groundbreaking" image processing tech will give you better color whether you're in a dim room or outside in the midday sun, but it's hard to say from that shot if the color's actually better or if they're just pumping the contrast. This promo video shows some actual footage processed with TrueColor and might give you a better idea of just how accurately your blemishes will come through on the cameras:

Apparently the autofocus works so well that you can do away with e-mail altogether. Why send a document to someone when you can just shove it up to your webcam?


What Microsoft perhaps hasn't considered is that it might be sort of weird being the only one on the internet whose webcam appearance is actually what they look like in real life. I always sort of considered the mediocre image to be the great equalizer. But if you feel good about what you've got and want to show off your mug in high def and beautiful color, you can pre-order the LifeCam HD-5000 and HD-6000 on Amazon. [Microsoft]