Microsoft's Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard Could Change The Way You Type

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It's only a prototype at the moment, but the pressure-sensitive keyboard Microsoft has cooking up promises to make your typing far more efficient.

For example, font size could be changed based on how much pressure you apply to a key and typos could be reduced by gauging the pressure applied to simultaneously pressed keys in order to determine intent. And, of course, varied pressure on a key could make gaming controls more interesting.

Microsoft will be showing off the technology at the User Interface Software and Technology conference taking place in Canada this October. At the conference, students will be given a sample keyboard and asked to compete with one another in an effort to find applications for the technology that are useful, well implemented or creative. Each one of these categories comes with a $2000 prize and special consideration for a spot at SIGGRAPH 2010's Emerging Technology (E-Tech) demos. [UIST 2009 via CNET]