Microsoft's San Diego Store Opening On iPhone 4 Launch Day

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Uh-oh, I hope San Diego's Apple store won't have too many people queuing outside on June 24th for an iPhone 4. That could be pretty embarrassing for the Microsoft store opening four doors down, on the very same day.


A shopper/BetaNews reporter at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego discovered the store would be opening June 24th, however Microsoft hasn't made the launch details public, despite a website already being set up for the store (by the sounds of the website, however, it looks like the store is already open—can anyone confirm this with us?)

We're anticipating the queue-comparison photo already. [BetaNews via Electronista]


I have a question. Why? Why are there Microsoft stores? Apple stores are somewhat necessary because they sell niche PCs and you need specialized care for problems, and they are useful for just getting a taste of Apple products before you buy. For example, I only bought my iPad after playing with one at an Apple store on launch day. Also, Apple stores are awesome. But Microsoft's only hardware is the Zune line and the Xbox 360. And some mice and keyboards. Hardly enough equipment to justify an entire store, especially since that stuff, and much more, is available at your local big box store.