Microsoft's "Vista Doesn't Suck" Ad Campaign Thinks Everyone Remembers The 15th Century

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Either that or their agency just really loves Thomas Friedman. Anyhow, Microsoft's $300 million campaign to return fire after Apple's "Mac vs. PC" ads with our buddy John Hodgman-which, like it or not, were a wildly successful campaign and definitely helped shape the public's perception of Vista-has begun with this image from, comparing the potential realization that Vista doesn't suck to the debunking of the flat earth theory. It took a bold voyage to the New World by one Christopher Columbus to change everyone's mind on the first one-but Microsoft is hoping a little ad campaign will do the trick to clean up the gross misconception the public (and tons of Windows users) seem to have about Vista.

It makes sense that Microsoft is going for a more conceptual ad here, rather than tick off a list of everything that people should perceive Vista is good at (they already do that on the page the ad points to). I can think of a lot of other future installments, like "At one point, everyone thought witches walked among us" or "At one point, people thought they could turn lead into gold," or "At one point, people thought that it was a good idea to shit into ditches alongside the city streets." The campaign basically writes itself-why don't you guys give is a whirl. [ZDNet via CrunchGear]