Microsoft Spending $300+ Million To Tell Consumers Vista Doesn't Suck

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Hey Apple. Microsoft's seen those Get a Mac ads with J. Long and J. Hodgman. They're tired of that shit. So tired, in fact, that they're going to spend some $300 million in their own advertising campaign with Crispin Porter + Bogusky telling consumers how much Vista doesn't suck. Corporate VP of Windows Consumer Product said this:

We know our story is very different from what our competitors want us to think. Today we are drawing a line and are going to start telling the real story. The quiet majority of million and millions of Windows Vista users out there are going to have a great experience," Brooks said. "The message is ‘Move to Vista. The time of worry is over.'"


And if you ask us, Vista isn't all that bad. [ZDNet]


Daniel Gary

I'm glad Microsoft is going to spend some money advertising Vista. With Apple running amok on TV with their ads, Microsoft had to do something. I just hope their ads aren't seen as a "me too" response, and instead can convey the message that Vista, despite word of mouth, is a good OS and much more stable and secure than XP.